HAICO High-Speed Treadmills – 4000 and 5000

• Several advantages for training, rehabilitation, research and diagnosing •

Haico Treadmill

Ideal tool for professional trainers with race horses:

  • No weather restrictions
  • Control of speed, distance, uphill and much more
  • Reduced impact to legs – running surface of Haico treadmills matches to turf – no hoof problems
  • Increases muscular power and quality of gaits
  • Horses work willingly on treadmill due to very low construction and silent structure
  • More horses can be trained in a shorter period of time
  • Conditioning can be started as early as 6 months of age
  • Gait can be followed accurately at any time and running speed
  • Diagnosing of lameness
  • Performance testing with Haico SH standard exercise test (SET) and Competition exercise test (CET) or individual tests, full possibility for programming
  • Optional automatic run or manual run
  • Optional automatic pulling load unit for increased stress
  • All functions can be controlled either manually or automatically via Touch Screen control unit
  • No service or oiling points makes using easy and trouble free
  • Wide range of safety equipment for secure using as standard
  • No large space requirements and long life time

and for veterinarians:

  • Controlled environment for evaluating lameness
  • Observations and filming of horse gait
  • Endoscope and heart functioning under controlled stress
  • Oxygen and CO2 examination
  • Performance testing with Haico SH Standard exercise test and Competition exercise test (CET) or individual tests, full possibility for programming
  • No large space requirements
  • Fast acceptance of horses due to very low and silent structure
  • High level of reproducibility of trials
  • Safe and easy to use

Haico Treadmill

Complete treadmill consists of three main parts:

Researched has established that a very high similarity exists between the surfaces found in nature grass and that of the Haico treadmill. The naturelike surface doesn’t strain the horses legs even in strenuous training. Haico Treadmill selection consists of two standard models. Both treadmills are designed for high speed training. They offer the following advantages:


Low running surface height allows installation on the floor.


Soundproof compact structure. Totally isoleted frame from the floor by rubber pads. Dung is hurled automatically away from the back. No oiling points.


Service free low-friction belt structure. Separate cooling inside the treadmill enables continued use. Compact, steplessly adjustable weigth unit inside the structure. Contrary wind blower follows the speed of the belt.


Adjustable width of the safety rails, horse stays safely in the middle of the belt.

Measures Model 4000 Model 5000
Lenght without ramps 4500 mm 5500 mm
Lenght with ramps 6500 mm 7500 mm
Weight 2000 kg 2400 kg
Running surface 1,15 m x 4,1 m 1,15 m x 5,1 m
Height of the running surface 370 mm 370 mm
Speed range 0-54 km/h 0-54 km/h