Equidame phantom

Equidame® enables breeders to achieve bigger profits in breeding by automatically separating low-sprem-count and high-sperm-count fractions of the stallion’s ejaculation. Working with the Equidame® is effective and safe.

Your advantages:

  • Easy handling, quick separation
  • Less contamination
  • No need for centrifugation
  • Single staff semen collection
  • Individual settings for each stallion optimize the collection procedure

Product features:

Quick ejaculation is achieved through the intelligent AV controlling system which follows the pressure of the AV keeping it regular during the mounting.

Height of the phantom, AV temperature, AV pressure, inside temperature of the phantom and volumes in each collecting cup is selected through the control unit and can be stored into thememory for later use.

  • Maximum height 1600 mm
  • Minimum height 1200 mm
  • Weight 250 kg
  • Width 500 mm
  • Lenght 2200 mm



For more technical information and test results about Equidame® Phantom, download pdf file from here